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Products & Ingredients

Are your products ‘natural’ or ‘organic’?

Why do a few of your ingredients sounds unnatural?

Why we use essential oils instead of perfume?

Are your products gluten free?

Why preservation is important

Are your products hypoallergenic?

Are your products tested on animals?

Are your products vegan?

Do Karma Mama products have an expiry date?

How should I store my Karma Mama products?

Some products contain fatty alcohols. However, I have read that alcohol can dry out the skin?

Which packaging materials does Karma Mama use?

Can I be allergic to natural ingredients?

My little one has a sensitive skin and tends to react with many products. Would your products be a good choice for me?


Where can I purchase your products?

What are the payment options?

Do you ship worldwide?

Can I cancel my order?

Do I need an account to place an order?