Our commitment

For us, Karma Mama has and will always be about creating a platform which helps shine the light on important issues in developing countries and communities. From improving the lives of women and their families through education and healthcare to helping put an end to child trafficking. Every purchase doesn’t just give you and your child the purest and most potent skincare one can find, it also directly help support the lives of another mama and her loved ones.

Our promise is one you can trust. For every product you buy, we donate 1 to social enterprise Friends International. They are dedicated to helping developing communities in Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos and Indonesia flourish and thrive.

Empowering local businesses

Our founder’s entrepreneurial spirit inspires her to help empower and elevate the women around us. Karma Mama’s partner Friends International not only trains and employs women, but they also encourage female independence by creating jobs and educating women throughout South-East Asia.

At Karma Mama, we are proud to be a responsible and conscious business who equally care about our planet and the people and animals who live on it. With the help of local support and resource assessment initiatives, we will forever find and develop new ways of supporting our communities in Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia and Indonesia.



Why we support Friends International

Friends International (Friends) is an international social enterprise established in Cambodia in 1994 to build a future where all children are safe from all forms of abuse, become functional and productive citizens of their countries and contribute to a more peaceful, equitable and sustainable global community. 

Friends works in Cambodia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Laos and Thailand, and over 50 partners around the world, to provide comprehensive services to marginalized urban children, youth and their families. Since its inception, Friends has supported the education, well-being, and sustainable reintegration of more than 400,000 vulnerable children, youth and their families.

Friends is a team of over 486 experts who:

  • Protect urban children and youth from all forms of abuse
  • Reintegrate marginalized children and youth to become actively involved in society
  • Prevent marginalized urban children and youth from engaging in risky behavior
  • Improve the way organizations work by promoting innovative and effective approaches Influence all tiers of society to provide supportive environments and adopt positive behaviors

Here's how you can help play a part and support our trusted non-profit partner. If you would like to donate directly please contact Friends International